Company Road Risk Reduction

R3 unique courses leave valued employees better able to react and respond to those unexpected and dangerous situations that occur on the road everyday

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Saving your business money and time

Cars, vans, HGV and even gritter trucks all benefit from R³ courses.

Using loss of control (skid) as our ‘hook’ R³ raise awareness and revise attitude both in slow speed and spatial awareness incidents. All supported by our engaging and measured workshop sessions.

  • If your business has employees driving as part of their job (even in their own car) you have a corporate responsibility.
  • Any fatality in a crash involving employees driving for work purposes could be investigated as an ‘unlawful killing’.
  • The Police and HSE will take action forcibly if you are unable to provide a robust audit trail for any driver found responsible for the crash.
  • Non-compliance of (Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007) could mean massive fines, loss of industry reputation and even prison.
  • If the unthinkable happens tomorrow how would your company stand?

R³ Road Risk Reduction can help. Please select a suitable course outline or contact us to discuss your training needs.

Corporate Consequences

Staff are your most valuable asset. Invest in their driving safety with effective training


Legal Issues

With more than five employees using their vehicle for work, you must have a Road Safety Policy or risk falling foul of the Corporate Manslaughter Act.

  • Creation or audit of Road Safety Policy. A realistic and workable document not just to sit on a dusty shelf
  • Assess your need for driver training
  • Full licence check for all drivers
  • Hands-on, measured and memorable driver training
Fewer Insurance Claims


R³ can help reduce driver admin. pressure and costs.

  • Reduce fuel consumption and reduce costs
  • Fewer repairs and consumables, brakes, tyres etc.
  • Reduce injuries and time off road for vehicle and driver

Moral Responsibility

You have a moral duty to ensure that employees driving for business do so safely

  • Improve safety and reduce costs
  • Support your Corporate Social Responsibility policy
  • Provide proof of training for Carbon Offset
  • Meet the spirit and the letter of the law

Driving is the most dangerous activity that most of us do almost every day.

of all crashes are caused by skidding

5 people die
and 66 seriously injured (average) every DAY on the UK roads

More drivers
are killed at work than deep sea fishermen

of all road crashes are driver error

Fleet and corporate Training

All R³ fleet training is designed around your bespoke needs.

The three core course outlines are:

Proven Results…

What we train not only saves money but could ultimately save a life. Your comments are taken seriously and used constantly to help develop the course.

Working with R³ now for the past two years, I have had nothing but positive feedback. We will be moving forward to roll this training out more within the group.

— D Campbell, Eurovia Ringway UK

The training was exactly what we expected (high standard and comprehensive), what was welcomed even more, was that you made it relevant and personal to our company requirements.

— G Castree, BP Oil

Thanks for yesterday, there was a real buzz in the hotel last night, we certainly enjoyed the day and the truly life-saving driving tips.

— M Darby, Babcock Training

Many of our team and staff are driving for well over 10% of their working day, some closer to 50% and this activity has possibly one of the highest risks of incident in the course of their duties. Other than passing their driving test there is currently minimal attention to additional driver training/awareness. This course should be adopted for more of our mobile team.

— Kier

Enquire About Corporate Support

Most of our fleet and corporate courses, although based on our core learning practises, will be bespoke to your requirements.
Contact us now for a no-obligation discussion and proposal.