Large Goods Vehicles

Course Introduction

Using our low grip skid surface as the ‘hook’ to gain attention and experience skid/roll over avoidance techniques, we build on this to deliver safe-driving messages throughout the day. These include awareness of low-speed spatial awareness collisions and defensive driving techniques. All are backed up with safer-driving workshop and tests.

Course includes:

  • Loss of vehicle control and use of active safety systems
  • Spatial awareness and speed tests
  • Safety workshops
  • Measured test of learning increase


Proven compliance to HSE requirements
Fewer injuries to drivers & other road users
Fewer ‘at-fault’ insurance claims
Reduced slow-speed depot/loading bay damage
Reduced risk of work-related ill health
Reduced staff stress and improved morale
Reduced fuel bills
Savings on consumables, tyres, brakes etc.

What’s Included?

Private use of our low grip skid surfaces and driving environment with professional instruction and advice.

  • Introduction and Safety Workshop
  • Driver test
  • Skid area drive
  • Spatial awareness and speed exercises
    (Optional on-road defensive-driving session)
  • Safety Workshop
  • Re-test
  • Debrief and Summary
  • Attendance certificate with test scores
  • Driver assessment forms
  • Refreshments and light lunch

You will be with us for approx. 7hrs

How we can help you

Government figures show an average of 5 deaths and 66 seriously injured everyday on the UK roads. Given nearly 33% of these are ‘working drivers’ it highlights the safety issue greatly.

Providing your LGV driver team with the most effective, real-world training relevant to their unique driving role is crucial to help keep the wheels turning.

The R³ Road Risk Reduction LGV course will focus on the initiative to promote safer, more economical driving skills to compliment existing processes and become part of a cohesive drive-safe-for-life attitude.

Why train our drivers?

With the UK’s increasingly disrupted road system driving as part of work life is more hazardous and stressful. At greatest risk are those in larger vehicles often with heavy loads and deadlines.

Any delay, costs business millions in lost revenue. Most working vehicles are also mobile commercials for your company; any negative issue with the branded truck will not make good PR.

Driving is the most dangerous activity that most of us do almost every day

of all crashes are caused by skidding

5 people die
and 66 seriously injured (average) every DAY on the UK roads

More drivers
are killed at work than deep sea fishermen

of all road crashes are driver error