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Skid avoidance for any driver with a licence including young drivers from 16yrs

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Saving money and lives

Learn through understanding and hands-on experience techniques that will save you money could easily save your insurance excess and possibly your life.

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Proven Results…

What we train not only saves money but could ultimately save a life. Your comments are taken seriously and used constantly to help develop the course.

Thank you for such a well thought out and professionally delivered course. My daughter has learnt techniques and knowledge, which I and everyone on the course felt may potentially be life-saving.

— J Stanley

‘Drive to the conditions’ they say, but as a young driver I had never experienced those conditions. I have now! What a learning curve! Thank you so much guys I will be talking to all my mates about the R3 course.

— J Moore

The explanation and instruction in our own car makes the course all the more realistic. I feel this would benefit all drivers young and old and will encourage friends and family to sign-up.

— C Rose

I bought your Skid School course for my Son because I remember what I was like as a young driver. You really allowed him to feel for himself how easy it is to lose control of a car. I know this will live with him forever and will hopefully make him just that little bit more aware when road conditions turn bad.

— One happy dad

If you have a child who is a new driver, you owe it to yourself as a parent to break them of their overconfidence in a safe environment, before they experience it unawares, with tragic consequences.

— S Miah (Parent)

After our accident last year we were both uncertain about our car and it did effect our driving enjoyment. You were cool and calm with regard to the driving approach and allowing us to MESS UP in safety. After all the practise, we should be able to recognise a problem and avoid it. Seriously, everyone who drives should have this skid course experience. It will save lives.

— B Holden