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Skid Avoidance Course
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Skid Avoidance Course
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Skid Avoidance Course

Saving lives and money

Driving is the most dangerous activity that most of us do every day

Actions teach louder than words

R³ encourage drivers to ‘get-it-wrong’ in a safe and controlled environment by capturing hearts-and-minds. R³ put real-life experience into context using monitored and measured, professional instruction techniques.

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Increase In Knowledge

206% increase In knowledge*

Data over five years proves an average knowledge increase during the course of 206%

The Benefits

Financial, legal and moral



Health and Safety Law applies to work activities on the road in the same way as it does to all other work

Employers have a liability to ensure work-related driving is managed safely

Fewer Insurance Claims

Fewer Insurance Claims

Allowing drivers to learn by making mistakes proves they are fallible.

A mistake made with R³ will not cost your insurance excess or life but will show how making the same mistake on the public roads will be much more serious

Safer Drivers

Safer Drivers

Knowledge comes through experience and understanding.

Once a driver has understood the result of their actions they are aware of the end results.

Our aim is crash-prevention not skid-control

Save on Fuel & Consumables

Save on fuel & consumables

The R³ ECO-drive course can save 14% fuel on the day with a longer term saving of 6%

This saving is significant over a whole fleet



Support your Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Provide proof of training for Carbon Offset

Meet the spirit as well as the letter of the law

Course Qualifications

R³ courses can be delivered to JAUPT/DVSA approved CPC qualification.
We are also developing other courses to Level 3 (A-level) diploma.

Even with our standard courses, every driver leaves the course with
a knowledge improvement score and comprehensive driver report.

Skid Avoidance

Skid Avoidance Course

Experience loss of control in your vehicle, but in total safety. Learning respect for road conditions and your ability to deal with them

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Proven Results…

What we train not only saves money but could ultimately save a life.

Your comments are taken seriously and used constantly to help develop the courses.

The training was exactly what we expected (high standard and comprehensive), what was welcomed even more, was that you made it relevant and personal to our company requirements.

— G Castree, BP Oil

Thank you for such a well thought out and professionally delivered course. My daughter has learnt techniques and knowledge, which I and everyone on the course felt may potentially be life-saving.

— J Stanley

Thanks to the team and yourself for making today an enlightening, rewarding and educational experience for the team. Feedback from all has been extremely positive.

— M Archer, Kier Learning & Development advisor

Award Winning

Business awards are a sought after accolade of achievement, an endorsement of success and recognition of hard work and professionalism. Awards are not given lightly, so the team at R3 Road Risk Reduction
are truly proud of their achievements.

It’s thanks to our clients with a clear vision for increased staff safety and our hard-working team that we can show off the two awards here.

SME News – Business Elite 2019

Most outstanding provider of Road Risk Training programmes for drivers, 2019 – Northamptonshire.

The SME Business Award is in recognition of achievement for smaller, forward-thinking, industrious companies with a unique proposition. This indeed fits the R3 Road Risk Reduction driver training profile.

HSE Innovation Award

Rewards innovations which have improved the management of safety, health and wellbeing for employees, partners or clients.

The HSE Innovation Award was achieved in collaboration with Eurovia-Ringway as recognition for ‘innovation that has improved the management of safety, health and wellbeing for employees, partners and clients.’