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Benefit from a truly professional and friendly approach, with our years of measured training experience.


Road Risk Reduction (R³) is becoming a buzz phrase in the driving industry.

With so many road users, driving a vehicle is one of the most dangerous things we do as individuals. R³ aim to reduce this risk with hands-on training programmes for all drivers, particularly novice drivers or those new to the company.

A solid, memorable and correct foundation of attitude and skills is essential for safe, long-term driving. Unlike some so-called ‘training’, R³ go beyond simple ‘assessment’ and provide hands-on training, showing measured achievement, development and progression.

For the fleet or corporate driver, we have years of training experience proven to revise attitude, raise awareness and where necessary change driving habits by capturing hearts and minds.

Every course has a driver report profile and learning improvement score.

Full day courses include cafe lunch and refreshments.

  • Introduction and driver safety workshop
  • Skid area drive (with low grip surfaces)
  • Slow speed/spatial awareness session
    (Alternatively a ‘defensive’ road drive session)
  • Debrief and summary

Our hands-on courses provide plenty of time behind the wheel with memorable workshop sessions. Understanding what you have just done will leave you better able to react and respond to those unexpected situations that occur on the road every day.

You can’t just tell a driver to drive better!

Knowledge, understanding and practice is the R³ mantra.


What we train not only saves money but could ultimately save a life. Your comments are taken seriously and used to help develop the course.

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