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Winter Maintenance Crew (7hrs DCPC compliant)

Delivered at our Thruxton (Andover) base.

Bespoke course for gritter drivers


  • Pre & post training test
  • Safety workshop
  • Skidpan winter skid avoidance driving
  • Assessed road drive including spatial and defensive driving skills (DCPC)


The course can also be made available for other specific large work vehicles, for example, refuse collection vehicles, skip transport etc.

Venue: Thruxton (Andover) skidpan and workshop suite

Vehicles: Client supplied gritters and one 3.5t work vehicle (options available)

Duration: 1 day. 18 drivers maximum per day

Qualification: 7hrs DCPC

  Certificate of attendance

Personal assessment sheet with Low/Medium/High risk score

The driver training is a full day course incorporating: Workshops, skid/loss of control, speed/spatial awareness exercises and on-road assessment, all designed to compliment company safety rationale and provide true understanding of real-life situations that could result in vehicle damage, serious injury or worse.

Some key points include:

  1. Plenary (1) Introduction / knowledge quiz
  2. Low grip surface skid avoidance drive

  3. Plough removal/refit
  4. On-road in-vehicle
  5. The driver and the law (Static walkaround)
  6. Safety & vehicle dynamics workshop

  7. Plenary (2) / Q&A
  8. Recap quiz
  9. Feedback

Any driver whose workplace will be a gritter or particular type of vehicle being used for the training.

do not teach skid controlpreach skid avoidance.

Using the skid activity on the low grip surface as a hook/very memorable activity we quickly and clearly show that any driver can get-it-wrong and lose control of any vehicle. From this position of clarity drivers engage much more with the safety messages and the advanced driving skills teach throughout the rest of the course.

Driving is the most dangerous activity that most of us do almost every day

0 %
of all crashes are caused by skidding

5 people die

and 66 seriously injured (average) every DAY on the UK roads

More drivers

are killed at work than deep sea fishermen

0 %
of all road crashes are driver error
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